Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I Have Found Two of My Old Blogs

Previously, I was talking about having created like 3 - 4 blogs in the past and it phailed. It phailed so badly that I could not even remember the URL and the username to login to it.

But luckily today, with the mindfcuk power bestowed upon me by Prof Xavier, I remembered two of my blogs' URL and typed it, and here they are! Daily Blah and Life.Music.Arts. I think I wanna share with you guys screenshots of the two blogs here.

Above is the screenshot of "Life.Arts.Music" which I created when I was a 4th semester (I think) student doing broadcasting. I basically wrote a few things about music and comics, trying to be artsy-fartsy and stuff.["eh? dua follower je ko ada dalam belog ni? hahahahahai lah engkau!"]

And above is the blog that I did when I worked at a TV station in KL. Most of the contents are ramblings about my work and the abnormal hours I had gone through.

Mind you, the first ever blog that I created was when I had to do an assignment and the lecturer (now deceased, RIP) asked us to create a blog and submit all our inputs on the blogosphere so that the whole world can read it. Hell, who wants to read a boring blog about theories of Organizational Communications anyway? I did it on Wordpress. I couldn't recall the URL, though. I bet you Prof Xavier is disappointed now.

K, Bye.


  1. ar haha..mai nak menyibuk jugak

  2. boleh.. boleh.. sama2 follow ya



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