Sunday, 26 June 2011

Typically Malaysian? : The Herd Mentality

Look at the picture below. 

Location : Alamanda Putrajaya. 
Time : 5.30 pm, Sunday. 
Subject: Parking ticket auto-pay stations situated at two different levels. Parking spots at both levels are equally full.

Ever noticed how we always flock to the same spot as the majority of the others do? Ever experienced how one lane at a toll plaza gets crowded while the others are almost empty? Ever noticed that how during festive seasons, just about everyone leaves home at the same time and day?

Well, I guess it is the Herd Mentality among us Malaysians. We rarely take the road not taken. Perhaps avoiding unwanted risks, perhaps to avoid being the odd one out or being labelled as the 'nail that sticks out that gets hammered first'.

Same goes to fads and trends. The current trend among pimple-faced teens and young adults parading around town with their DSLRs without having a single goddamn clue of what a shutter speed is, for example.

The same applies when it comes to football. Our so-called fans (well, not all of us, luckily), are jumping in the bandwagon basically. Nak sokong team yang menang je! 'If you can't beat em, might as well join em!'  Manchester United. Need I say more?  And.. pre-2010, you can count with your fingers and toes how many of us cheered for the Spanish national football team. Post-2010? Wowoweeee! It's like Malaysia has become an overseas territory of Spain. 

Whatever it is, the Herd Mentality I think is not exclusively a Malaysian thing. Other cultures do have it too. Noticed how quite a number of teenage girls (and some boys too) all over the world pose with a typical 'Duckface' in their Facebook photos?

Ngerfan Lennon doing a good impression of the Duckface here

Are you a victim of the Herd Mentality? Are you a Man Utd fan? Please share. 

Well, I think a portion of the Herd Mentality is in me too. Just look at my blog title. 


  1. who the f**k are Man United? haha

  2. Dunno, mate. Lelaki Bersatu? haha

  3. true. ramai org selesa dgn apa yang majoriti buat, not a bad thing though but just ordinary

  4. yeah. there's at least a bit of herd mentality in all of us, i guess.


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