Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Word of Appreciation to New Followers, Readers and Commenters

Just a quick word here today. I would like to thank ikhram and bb for being the new follower of this idiotic blog. The rest of the followers who happen to be friends and family members, thank you too for your sappork. And not to forget, a big thank you to everyone who have wasted at least 10 minutes of their precious time in reading this blog. Keep up the sappork!


  1. harap2 ko terus menulis la, follower tak ramai tak pe, yang penting kita boleh sampaikan apa yang kita fikir. orang nak suka atau tak, kita tak boleh buat apa.. so ganbatte!

  2. cheers, mate! dan yang penting layout kena kemas, nanti orang malas maca. betul tak?

  3. ya, dan jangan letak muzik. kalau nak letak jugak, letak music player yang ada button stop atau pause.

  4. kalau ko check 3kali, confirm ko x typo baca dgn maca

  5. @Dhum_Dahij

    hahaha. u got me there.

    sedangkan maharaja troll, Obefiend, pun banyak typo, inikan pula amatur macam kita.

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