Friday, 29 July 2011

Congratulations Team Singapore - 2012 World Cup Qualifying Third Round

Yes, it's a sad fact that we Malaysians have to accept. They beat us 6-4 on aggregate to advance to the fourth round of the Asian Zone of the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers.. There goes our chance of entering the World Cup and becoming the next world's superpowers..

Even though we drew 1-1 in the 2nd leg last night at Bukit Jalil, the scoreline wasn't enough to put us through. I was at Bukit Jalil, alright. After the half-time break, I managed to sneak into the Singaporean team's dressing room and caught a glimpse of their tactical board.

Ssup, Lions? I'm going to sneak into your dressing room, alright.

Here's what I saw when I sneaked in. On the tactical board itself is their very own, unique winning formula.

Tsk. Tsk. Dirty..dirty!

So that they can waste time..

Overall, they acted so damn good. So good they can play as hospital patients in TCS 8 dramas. I read BFM 89.9's tweets saying that they heard the whole Singapore squad has landed a contract with MediaCorp! LOL!


  1. btol ko ni...hahahaha

  2. @ Kirr_rule - ko percaya ke? hahaha

  3. after all the drama...who knows?

  4. ahaha, aku lawak masa keeper dia sakit kepla kejap pastu elok, pastu sakit balik.. hahahaha

  5. mohong la..irsyad lukis seniri ni

  6. orang kalau dari awal xbetul, mmg sampai kesudah tak betul.
    singapaore 'trick' dgn beli citizenship players, mmg players dia pun kaki trick , taici, a.k.a tai koo ching

  7. memanglah kak alia, kalau pasai conteng2 and tulis2,boleh serah kat irshad n irfan...they are very creative...mcm mr.bean's diary.

  8. damn funny! hahahahahah! siap lukis2 tuh!


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