Saturday, 23 July 2011

Flyers Under Wipers - one of things that most of us are pissed off with.

I'm sure everyone who drives a car has came across a stupid flyer under their windscreen (or windshield if you are a Murrican) just a few minutes after the car is parked.

I mean, WTF mate? These things are just a nuisance. Let me ask you, honestly, how many of you have actually responded to these kind of ads? How many of you eventually became a customer to the service or product advertised in the flyers? I dare say only 1 in 500.

Why? Because what's advertised in these flyers are mostly "Settle Hutang Dengan Cepat", "Buat Isteri Anda Cepat Klimaks" and "Easy Loan with Zero Interest" kind of products and services. Utter rubbish. 

If I want to 'settle hutang dengan cepat', I'd plan my budget wisely for the month so that I can pay my loans on time. If I want to apply for an easy loan, hell NO! There is no such thing as an easy loan! Having as little loan as possible is much easier than  being subject to a so-called "easy loan" or any other loan for that matter! Youngsters who are thinking of applying for a personal loan just to get married, please take note of this very, very seriously. And as for the "Buat Isteri Anda Cepat Klimaks" kind of ad, NO, I don't believe in your products. I believe that having an active lifestyle and a healthy well-balanced diet will just do the trick, thank you very much.

Okay, enough of the rants. Let's look at the pictures below and witness how clever these 'windscreen marketers' are.

They harass our windscreens with their ads.

Some drivers are clever enough to put up their wipers to prevent the 'windscreen marketers' from harassing their windscreen.

Well, think again.



  1. 2 gambar bawah tu, kau yang letak flyer tu sendiri kan kan? ahaha XD

  2. @ mitsuo - haha. ini situasi sebenar beb. bukan direkayasa

  3. kdg2 aku temper, aku drive je mlas nak buang flyers, last last nyusahkan aku balik,.. hampeh

  4. @ zulfikar - aku baru nampak semalam kat bukit jalil, lepas game Malaysia vs singapore. orang tu bawak NAZA ria dia dengan flyers2 kat wiper. hahaha


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