Monday, 25 July 2011

Lessons from History - Battering Rams

Battering rams are basically siege weapons used in the ancient times. They are meant to bring down walls or open gates of enemy buildings. They come in different forms and method of uses. Some are encased in a canopy on wheels, some consist of just one single log carried by one or more people on foot.

Battering ram on foot
Wheel-mounted battering ram

The discovery of gunpowder in the Middle Ages eventually made the use of battering rams irrelevant since, except for a few smaller ones used by military and law enforcers, which are still in use to this day, to break down doors or anything similar.

Tampa Police Tactical Response Team in Florida, USA

If any of you have played Empire Earth, you might come across a unit called the Sampson which appears from the Stone Age to the Copper Age as a one-man battering ram that can cause serious damage to buildings if used in large numbers.

The Sampson

Well, he's been revitalised in the year 2011 and in real life.

In real life

And we have units who took battering rams way too seriously and literally.


Picture credit from top to bottom (except for the 5th picture) :, ChrisO at Wikimedia Commons,, Empire Earth Wiki and


  1. kaki age of empire/total war konfem tau evolusi battering ram ni..

    kambing penghentak terbaik yob..

  2. @ eM - yeah! paling benci bila lawan computer, kita buat bangunan, dan2 je dia hantar battering ram/siege units beramai-ramai.

  3. @ Ngerfan - Kayuwil tak mau?

  4. aku main warcraft tak pernah menang.. hahahahaaa last2 giveup

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