Thursday, 7 July 2011

Typically Malaysian? : No Olympic Medals Yet in Swimming

We have yet to win any medals at any swimming event in the Olympics. We can't be as bad ass as the great sporting nations like USA, China and Australia. Heck! The Aussies are good at almost every sport there is! Even their women's soccer team is improving. Their team mananged to get through to the quarter finals of the Women's World Cup by beating defending champions Norway!

Okay, back to swimming, there are many factors as to why we are still lagging behind. We have great athletes with the likes of Nurul Huda Abdullah and Daniel Bego, though. But we need more! One of the factors that I have observed is the use of swimming facilities. 

Let's take a look at these pictures below and see how other countries use their facilities compared to us Malaysians.



Now let's take a look how would Malaysians normally use their swimming facilities...

Looks like we have nothing better to do with a swimming pool other than taking pictures of celebrities posing at the poolside and not to forget, us everyday people who behave in the same manner! 

Pictures credit to (from top to bottom): Minnesota University Athletics, BBC, The Star Observer and ... (yikes!) Mangga Online!


  1. ahahahaha. makan dalam aok.

  2. @ orang lidi - yeah, bagi kenyang! haha

  3. Orang kite melantak nasi lemak, roti canai, ayam golek, masak lemak sume bagai.. skali berenang dh pancit..hahahahaha! Memang susah la wok!

  4. @ Amyz - tu pun salah satu penyebab jugak. hahaha

  5. Which is a real fact. Abusing poolside Ala porn stars cover mag with exposed cleavage. Demmit!!!

  6. @ Ony - Yaaaahhh! tepat skali!


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