Saturday, 2 July 2011

Typically Malaysian? : Visits to Orphanages and Clichéd Activities

I'm sure most of you have visited orphanages before, whether with your school, college, company or organisation. Noticed how the activities are pretty much kind of the same?

You have the re-painting of the building, handing-out used clothes, hosting a dinner, playing small games like musical chairs, chicken dance, yadda, yadda, yadda.. 

This picture was taken when my degree class did a visit to the orphanage somewhere in Puchong. We painted the wall green! LOL.  I stole this picture  from my ex-classmate, Nickey Enkay.
Don't these orphans get bored of the same old stuffs? I mean, if in a year, 20 organisations/schools/colleges make a visit to an orphanage, they will probably see their buildings being repainted 20 times (often with ridiculous colours)! And every year, they get to see 30 retarded dudes teaching them how to do the chicken dance. (If you are reading this, my friend, I am sorry for you, man. You did the chicken dance when we visited the orphanage back when we're in university, remember? LOL)

In many of the programmes I went to, there will usually be a session where we are split into groups of two that will be paired with like 10 or so orphans per group. We (the visitors) will, you know, ask them questions like when did these kids lost their parents, what are their ambitions, etc, etc. Many of the one-to-one session or group session revolves around the theme of sympathy. We tend to feel sorry for them and all that sappy stuffs. I'm pretty sure they have grown tired/blasé of all these. 

The usual situation

I think we need a revolution of activities for such visits.

You know what? I don't think we should be sappy and all that when it comes to this.

Why don't we show these kids how to live an awesome life, how to rock in this world? Instead of small talks, "motivational" talk-cocks and games like musical chairs, can't we take them for a game of golf at the driving range instead? Get an instructor to collaborate or something, I'm sure they'll love to. Or perhaps, take them for a game of ice hockey at the rink at Sunway Pyramid. I'm sure they have done this in Murricah and Canada. After all, they're kids! They wanna have fun! And we should give em something that they never got a chance of doing before. That's why I think golf and ice hockey would be an awesome idea. Or try go-karting.

Well, these big kids had fun..
And instead of the usual dinner at the hotel, why can’t we give ‘em a sample of Starbucks? I am confident that they will remember the sweet taste and smell of success that Starbucks’ patrons savour every day. You know what this will do to them? This is gonna motivate the kids into thinking “Hey, I wanna do the best in life, I wanna be successful”.

Wait.. Some of these kids are still too young for coffee. So, scrap the Starbucks thing.

What are your experiences visiting orphanages? Have you done any unusual activities that are interesting to share?


  1. takkan lah pengurusan ngok sangat nak bagi org cat setiap kali lawatan! setahun sekali @ 2 kali dah cukup..ok lpas ni boleh ajak pcik awi train diaorg kat golf range @ bawak diaorg pi dusun paklong, boleh tolong menolong.atau naik air asia ramai2 pi somalia lah you...

  2. Hye mama , i miss youuu . HEHEHE

  3. @ amyz - haha. mari melawat rumah anak2 yatim!

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