Thursday, 4 August 2011

Grammar & Pronunciation Police Reporting for Duty! : Common Mistakes Malaysians (and Singaporeans!) Make in Grammar & Pronunciation - Series #3

This is the Grammar & Pronunciation Police! You are under arrest again for violating laws of grammar and pronunciation! This time, you Singaporeans won't be spared because you make just about the same mistake as Malaysians do.   

"Don't think your Engrish so good one!" 

This is the third series of Grammar & Pronunciation Police Reporting for Duty! : Common Mistakes We Make in Grammar & Pronunciation.  Click to read the [first series] and [second series] in case you missed it or if you just want to recap.

Okay, let's move on..

1. Making up the word "Perspection" - what they really meant is perspective or perception. 
This was highlighted to me by my colleague Lisya Ramly who is a genius because she studied nucleic microbial genetic modification or something like that. It's mind-boggling, I tell you! But those who made up the word "perspection" is perhaps trying a bit too hard to be a genius. An example of the word that we saw in an email was "our uniform might change the public's perspection towards us". What the sender was trying to say is actually "perception". LOLWUT.

2. Misspelling of "loser" as "looser" 
 (picture credit to
While we do hate the Singapore Lions, we cannot help but to be disappointed by looking at this picture. Not only the opponent's flag is tainted, the word "loser" is spelt wrongly too. But then again, looking at the picture, who knows these guys could be Singaporeans in disguise just trying to make Malaysians look bad.

Okay, the difference between lose and loose is "Loose" means something that is not secure, or an antonym of "tight". While "lose" is the opposite of "win". Don't be a loser.

3. Pronouncing the word "Lettuce" as something that sounds like "let-tyoose"
While the "-uce" in "produce" makes the word sounds like "pro-dyoose", we would like to remind you again, English spelling is not consistent.  Lettuce is not "let-tyoose"  Check out the video below to compare. Yes, more videos for Ngerfan to troll to.

No. Saying "let-tyoose" doesn't make you sound French, okay.

4. Problem in pronouncing the word "Cousin".
We hear many Malaysians saying "kezen" instead of "kazen". Okay, to make it clear, lets put an IPA-standard phonetic symbol here. We are damn sure many readers of this blog are geniuses who can read phonetics. The proper pronunciation is \ˈkʌzn\ whereas many Malaysians pronounce it as \ˈkəzn\. This phenomenon is especially prominent in the Klang Valley where many people are trying too hard to sound like they are from Beverly Hills but end up sounding like they just came down from Broga Hill.

End of series #3. Any questions?


  1. sambil bace sambil pronounce..hahahahha..

  2. best bro!bbbbbest bro!!!

    I'm always bring my oxford dictionary with me,and regularly checked my pronunciation..thanks to oxford dictionary!*testimonial bergambo*

  3. aku nak troll xde post la...hahaha

  4. betul betul, syok plak segmen ni..

    Grammar police..

    sarjan, mcm mana pulak nak sebut Often? adakah Ofen atau Of-ten?

    dan misteri NIKE masih lagi menular di kawasan pedalaman.

    terima kasih, saya menjadi pemberi maklumat kepada pihak polis.

  5. @ Amyz - bagus. bagus. baca 100 kali iar perfect. haha

    @ norinaomar - hahaha. mana gambarnya?

    @ dhum.dahij - belajar troll dengan adik aku. haha

  6. @ zulfikar - 'offen' lebih diguna pakai secara meluas. Nai-ki. tapi kalau kat UK sebut 'Naik'. tak kisah sangat la kot,sebab itu nama brand

  7. hu hu your cousin is an indian! gelak dia baca segmen ni!!banyak songel cakap omputih ni no!! cakap arab saja lagi senang.ikut betul2 makhraj huruf and baris, seantero dunia sama je sebut...sampai ke syurga!!

  8. i'm not that kaaaaaazen .. kes2. thanx for interactive video

  9. @ nice stalker - tak jugak. yang standard tu Modern Standard Arabic. Bahasa Arab pun ada variasi dia kan? Arab Mesir lain, Lubnan lain, Maghribi lain. Arab Mesir, Jamal jadi Gamal. Baris2 tu dikenalkan selepas penyebaran Islam ke Asia Tengah yang bahasa asal diorang bukan Bahasa Arab. Sebab nak elakkan orang tersalah baca teks Quran. Ini lecturer bahasa Arab yang cakap.

    Kat syurga nak cakap bahasa Latin boleh tak?

  10. @ Ummu Fateh - hahaha. of course not

  11. at least ada juga 'modern standard arabic'.jadi bunyinya mesti sama..klu tak sama tu yg cakap bahasa arab 'market'. I dont think Jamal dia org sebut Gamal. itu cuma spelling ikut omputih. sebab huruf hijaiyyah tak de 'ga'.yg ada 'jim'. Fight!Fight!

  12. @ nice stalker - gamal gamal gamal gamaluddin.

  13. nice kenapa gambar ko tu so georgy boy george michael!?!?!?

  14. @ azman naim - because time can never mend, the careless whisper of a good friend. LOLOLOLOL



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