Monday, 22 August 2011

Just a Quick Word Here : Shit Happens to Anyone

I'm supposed to update this blog last Friday or Saturday. But some minor shit happened to me last Friday afternoon. I was playing football. No, American Football, with me mates Azfar, Dibar, Daus and Hakim after the Friday prayers at a field in front of a mosque we went to.

Yes, American Football, really.

I'm not sure whether it's because I'm a noob or accidents are just meant to happen, after a session of throws I noticed that my left ring finger got slightly bent. In other words, the finger is dislocated. If you were to google 'dislocated finger' and 'football' or 'sports' together, you would find many results relating dislocated finger and sports, mostly basketball and American Football. It's a common sports injury. So I guess I'm not that much of a noob then. Right, Dibar?

So, I ended up spending the whole afternoon at the clinic and also the emergency unit at a nearby hospital. I also ended up spending my iftar at the hospital. Awesome! Well, no.. After a few check ups, turns out that there were no bones broken. The doctor suspects that it's the tendons that are damaged. Still, I got 2 days sick leave (Monday and Tuesday) and have to go to the orthopedics on Tuesday for further treatment.

The finger that gets it. At a clinic waiting for my turn.

The doctor had to put a temporary splint to the broken finger.
The lesson here is, don't play sports during the fasting month especially on a Friday. No, the real lesson here is, injuries are commonplace in sports and shit can happen to anyone.

Whatever it is, it ain't going to stop me from playing football and becoming Tom Brady again. I will get back when I recover, guys. Don't worry. Oh yeah, this won't stop me from blogging too.


  1. me wish u to get well soon and be back with more discoveries for your lovely blog...
    pesanan penaja: berhati2 semasa bersukan... minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat...

  2. @ caldina - thank u, thank u. luckily it's not a major damage and I can still type

  3. shitty business here."tidak ada seorang muslim tertimpa musibah samada sakit @ selainnya kecuali Allah menghapus kesalahan2nya sebagaimana pohon menjatuhkan daunnya"(HR-Bukhari Muslim) MC 2 hari,pulon baca Quran la!

  4. aloolooo siannyer...seb bek jari je..hehehe..
    Selamat Hari Raya!

  5. @ nice stalker - HIHIHIHIHIHIHI XD

  6. @ amyz - sekali tengok, macam org cedera jari sebab main mercun pun ada .LOL

  7. uiyyyooo men american football!... amarekaa demooo...


    get well soon!.. :)

  8. aaahhh..jari bengkok..norma ketika aktif bermain basketball..tadehal la bro injury long as your finger still can bend, then nothing to be worried about..

  9. aku pernah tersepit pintu kereta bengkok camtu jugak...3 hari MC...and yg paling best jari tu middle finger...jadi ko bayang kan satu jari berbalut besar sambil drive keta...wahaha

  10. @ zulfikar - 1 Amareka, boh (boss) !

    @ eM - jari ko bengkok lagi tak?

    @ iezy - tersepit kat pintu kereta oren ko tu ke? masa jari ko tu berbalut mesti susah nak steer kan?


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