Saturday, 8 October 2011

I wouldn’t be so broke in the middle of the month if...

The Government has just revealed the Budget for 2012 yesterday. Some of it sounds good, some of it are ‘meh…’ Oh, well.. We can never please everyone on Earth, can we? Let's all be a good citizen now.

Talking about budget, we're coming to the middle of the month and I discovered that I’m nearly broke. This is my worst financial month of the year, guys. I spent the whole day sitting in the corner frustrated, thinking about the ‘IFs’ that could have saved me from being broke.

This is all I have left to survive for the month, guys. Yep, sad.

I wouldn’t be so broke in the middle of the month if...

  1. I ride a bike to work.

  1. I go home for lunch and have dinner at home too.

  1. There is no need to pay off my study loans.

  1. No price tag is put on land and houses.

  1. Mamak stalls don’t cheat.

  1. I don’t need to eat.

  1. I’m a cat.

  1. I don’t go to the gym.

  1. My blog has 2 million pageviews everyday.

  1. I am the Prince of Liechtenstein.

How's your financial status this month?

Oh, yes. You may have noticed that this blog now has an advert at the sidebar. Some of you may start thinking “Hey, what’s with the ads, Irshadim? You’re a fukken sellout now!” No.. it’s just to promote my fiancee’s part-time business. Feel free to have a look if you are interested in “not-so-over-the-top” hantaran, guys.  If you are not familiar with Malay culture, you can find out what a hantaran is here.


  1. asyik promote je hantaran, nak kawin kr

  2. Kewangan kita macam roda,kadang atas kadang bawah..saya pernah seteruk ini sampai terpaksa pinjam tabung family.Allah uji kita sebenarnya tu.DIA nak lihat bagaimana kita melalui ujian dariNYA.Mudah-mudahan awak dipermudahkan segala urusan ye Irshadim,AMIN.

  3. alhamdulillah!at least ada juga duit besi tu. ok apa. ada orang langsung tak ada tau. jadi sentiasa ingat ada orang lebih susah dari kita..bersyukurlah..

  4. @ anonymous - haha. coming soon.

    @ norinaomar - Amin.. doakan saya jadi Billionaire. *sings* I wanna be a billionaire, so frickin' bad..

    @nice stalker - molek deh..

  5. gua mmg sgt broke bulan ni...barely surviving...hopefully pancreatic cancer take me away before hunger...hehhh

  6. in addition, MIL aku pun ade business hantaran...kalau kau rasa fiance ko punye hantaran x cool, tempah la dgn MIL aku @ heheheh...MIL aku wedding planner utk wedding aku la...

  7. @dhum.dahij - who do you think you are? steve jobs? lol.

    oh, nice. wanna do hantaran joint-ventures? heh

  8. bole bro, actually MIL aku nak jual dah business dia coz xlarat dah...customer available till feb..hehhh...gua mmg marketing manager yg terbaek kan???

  9. @ dhum.dahij - apa2hal nanti gua contact lu.


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