Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

I thought of posting a new entry today. But when I heard the news this morning, I think I might hold it off for a day or two. Even though I'm not that much of an iFag, here's a tribute to Steve Jobs. RIP. 

How much of an iFag are you?


  1. hahahaa. ifag... yepp.. thanks steve... thanks for bringing us backward technology, your overpriced phone, mac, and ipod... seems that new technology does not deter you... thanks for ripping my friends off and make them think design by apple california overshadows great capabilities and technology... thanks again stejo...

  2. @rafierosliputra - apple makes you look cool and hip, yo. :p

  3. can we expect an orange soon? *thinking out loud*

  4. @ lisya - durian would be better

  5. xpernah ada barang apple, tapi selalu tgk pixar punya kartun


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