Monday, 12 November 2012

Priorities, Mr Todd. Priorities..

Well. This blog hasn’t been updated. What a letdown. I bet readers have started to give up on waiting for new updates.

Picture unrelated. At all.
You see, Mr Todd is my other nickname because I have way too many hobbies. When I have hobbies, I devote plenty of my time into it.  Let’s see.. I have gym, rock music, country music, being a pseudo-hipster, substantive writing (work), blogging, foreign languages, cooking, drinking fresh-brewed coffee, eating out.. that’s a lot of hobbies! When there are too much things to devote to, one of the hobbies gets left out. In this case, blogging gets left out.

This disappointing absence is also due to the decline of general blogging (i.e: blogging about general topics). Blogs that still survive today have their niche areas like gadgets, gossip, politics, music or fitness, to name a few. Beautifulnara is all about local celebrity gossips, is about the latest gadgets to hit the shelves and is all about fitness and shit. This crap I created back in June 2011? It is nothing but directionless ramblings about everything under the sun. And yeah, even Nami stopped his popular “everything-under-the-sun” Teh Tarik Gelas Besar blog months ago.

Funny? No, this blog has lost its ‘funny-ness’ since 9GAG climbed into popularity. If people want to find funny stuffs, they go to 9GAG. But recently, it too has become so popular and ‘too mainstream’, it has started to become less funny with many users abusing memes.

You know what, Imma look for niche areas to blog about, in relation to my hobbies that I devote sooo much time into. Perhaps I can diverge a little bit from one hobby to another every once in a month/fortnight. What do you think?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How I feel when reading Malay newspapers.

Just full of fatwas forbidding everything. Everything is ‘haramized’ these days. Tabasco sauce is haram. Wearing a particular footy team’s jersey is haram. Supporting a particular party is haram.

Will be back with longer posts soon, guys. Hopefully. Please attempt to burn my house down if you think I am a meme abuser.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fun: Straw caterpillar

Fun thing you can do while waiting for your food at the restaurant.

What you need is simply a restaurant that gives out their straws wrapped in paper and a drink (preferably cold). Watch the video and try it yourself!

Drop a comment if you think the background music is gay.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bulan puasa nak main gym jugak ke?

Tips untuk anda yang mempunyai matlamat muscle-building dalam rutin gym anda.

Pada musim begini, ramai yang baru nak mula muscle-building tertanya-tanya, bulan puasa ni nak kena training jugak ke?

Secara umum, anda digalakkan untuk ambil sebulan time-off sempena bulan yang mulia ini. Bukan apa, anda berpuasa, anda makan 2 kali sehari sahaja – pada waktu sahur dan berbuka. Paling kuat pun anda makan lagi sekali selepas terawih. Jadi, general rule makan 6 kali sehari yang anda biasa lakukan pada bulan-bulan lain untuk membina muscle tu tak praktikal langsung di bulan Ramadhan. Susah nak build muscle dengan pola pemakanan 2 kali sehari ni. Buat rugi je kau training.

Dalam kata lain, tak payah la nak pump iron buat sebulan ni. Badan anda juga perlukan kerehatan. Gunakan malam pada bulan Ramadhan ini untuk berterawih, bertadarus dan qiamullail, contohnya. Di sebelah pagi atau petang,  anda boleh melakukan senaman ringan seperti regangan, low-intensity calisthenics dan pilates. Cukup sekadar untuk maintain aktiviti otot anda. Kalau nak buat aktiviti cardio, go light. Buatlah beberapa jam sebelum waktu berbuka kerana anda akan replenish tenaga sebaik sahaja masuk waktu berbuka. Kalau buat waktu pagi, awal-awal dah dehydrated, kamu juga yang susah nanti. 

[sumber: beberapa article di]

Akhir kata, jangan malas untuk bersahur. Sewaktu berbuka, makanlah dengan perlahan-lahan, jangan gelojoh.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Of needs and wants, and moderation.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the economic idea of needs and wants. But many who strictly follow the rule of ‘needs vs wants’ do not play around it to optimise their life.

In general, we consider these four things as needs:
i.                    roof over our head (i.e: a living space)
ii.                  food and water to maintain your health
iii.                basic health care and hygiene products
iv.               clothing

Hardliners of ‘buy only what you need’ often limit themselves to whatever that is the cheapest and whatever that will just do the function of fulfilling those needs. But these extremists don’t realise they are pretty much losing out in life and not living their life to the fullest. To quote, YOLO (you only live once).

Mamak again? (image for illustration purposes only)
Let’s look at food. To save money, you buy mediocre discounted products at the hypermarket or you eat out at your local mamak joint because it’s cheap and satisfies your need for food to keep you alive. You shun Ben’s Place because its expensive. Good job. But, do you want to eat at the same old mamak joint for the rest of your life? Don’t you sometimes want to celebrate something you, your family member or a friend has achieved? One does not simply celebrate a happy occasion with your loved ones at a mamak joint, right? That's why you got to listen to your wants and fulfill them.

Same goes with your clothing. If I were to ask you, will you look better in a pair of jeans bought at Giant hypermarket or that pair of jeans from, say, Topman? There you go.. The quality of the material speaks for itself too.

Now, I am not asking you to be hedonistic or materialistic, nor do I ask you to live large like a president of a corrupt third-world country. No. But the rationale here is that in everything you do, there is moderation, and you got to have some kind of moderation when dealing with needs and wants too.

Wants can motivate people to buy one of these houses

Your ‘wants’ are not evil at all. ‘Wants’ motivate you to work harder, to find new solutions to existing problems. Do you think smartphone developers spend their time and expertise developing push emails functions merely for nothing? Phones with push emails aren’t considered a need. No, of course, people won’t die from not receiving any emails through their phones. But the push email function has made it easy for business people and civil servants alike to receive updates instantly and to make on-the-go decisions. So convenient it is becoming somewhat a need for these people.

See, what one used to regard as a want may evolve into a need. The same if you look back at the purpose of a telephone. It wasn’t considered a need for people during the 18th century. Nowadays, you just can’t imagine your daily routine without the usage of a telephone.

People, you gotta learn to balance your needs and wants. You can’t be living the rest of your life with mediocre products just for the sake of saving money. Because, in the end, your money will eventually go somewhere.

In b4 "gunakanlah bulan Ramadhan ini untuk mengawal hawa nafsu anda wahai tuan penulis blog". 

I avail myself of this opportunity to wish a blessed Ramadhan for those observing.   
-second picture credit to

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Guide to Putrajaya : Belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan

Untuk mengelakkan anda dilabel sebagai tourist di Putrajaya, saya sediakan tips ini.

Sesiapa yang pernah ke Putrajaya atau tinggal di Putrajaya sudah pasti biasa melihat papan tanda ini di kebanyakkan simpang empat yang berlampu isyarat di Putrajaya.

Untuk mengelakkan diri anda daripada dilabel tourist atau dilabel buta huruf, jika anda berada di persimpangan dilema yang berlampu isyarat dan ingin membelok ke kiri, jangan teragak-agak untuk membelok ke kiri jika tiada kenderaan walaupun lampu isyarat dihadapan menunjukkan warna merah.

Papan tanda ini sangat awesome. Kenapa ia awesome? Sebab saya suka langgar traffic light, tetapi sebagai seorang bekas pelajar yang rajin lepak di perpustakaan, masih mahu ikut buku. Dengan adanya peraturan ‘Belok Kiri Jika Tiada Kenderaan’ ini, ianya membuatkan aku rasa seperti seorang badass yang sesuka hati melanggar lampu merah tanpa rasa takut dikejar polis dan disaman.

Tujuan peraturan ini adalah untuk melancarkan lagi flow trafik di sekitar Putrajaya khususnya di waktu kemuncak. Tapi tak berapa nak lancar la sebab kat depan kau ada 10 traffic light lagi.

Mungkin anda terfikir, kenapa tidak peraturan sebegini digunapakai di seluruh negara?

Sebagai menjadikan entry kali ini lebih substantif, ingin ana share bersama antum berkenaan soalan yang pernah ditujukan oleh Ahli Parlimen Bintulu kepada Menteri Pengangkutan semasa Sidang Dewan Rakyat pada 28 Mac 2012 berkenaan pelaksanaan peraturan “belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan” di semua persimpangan jalan berlampu isyarat di seluruh negara.

Ini jawapannya:  “Pelaksaaan belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan adalah salah satu pendekatan pengurusan trafik yang didapati boleh membantu melicinkan pergerakan lalu lintas.

Namun, Kementerian Pengangkutan bersama-sama stakeholders yang lain seperti Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan, Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), Institut Penyelidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (MIROS), Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) dan Perbadanan Putrajaya sedang meneliti untuk menambah baik pelaksanaannya dari sudut keselamatan, teknikal dan perundangan.

picture source as indicated
Ini adalah kerana bukan semua persimpangan sesuai dilaksanakan pendekatan tersebut malah perlu juga diambil kira reka bentuk persimpangan dan volume kenderaan. Di samping itu, penelitian perlu dibuat terhadap komposisi trafik di lokasi berkenaan sama ada terdapat volume tinggi bagi pejalan kaki serta bagi kenderaan berat dan panjang yang membuat belokan kiri di persimpangan tersebut.”

[source:] – DISCLAIMER: For political junkies, bear in mind that my choice of source is not based on any political alignment at all. It just happen to be that this site has the most complete and substantive source on the net as far as policy on “Belok Kiri Jika Tiada Kenderaan” is concerned.

Apa pandangan anda mengenai peraturan belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan?

Monday, 16 July 2012

First World Problem: My pocket is filled with too many stuffs

You may recall my first ‘First World Problem’ post [here]. This time imma put it in a photo essay.  I have a first world problem with what I take back with me, in my pocket,  when I get home from work. 

This is the normal scene when I get home.

Sorry for the mess, I just got back from a course over the weekend. Time to stow the car keys. Wait.. there are other stuffs in my pocket too. 
Apart from my car and house keys, in my pocket on normal days there will be some receipts from today's lunch and.. yeah.. some coins. Which makes me wonder till this day, why do our banks issue coins? What are they for? Payphone? No one uses a payphone anymore. I doubt if they still exist. Why can't banks just issue 10 sen, 20 sen, 50 sen bills? Or are coins just there to fill up your pocket and make "cha-ching" noises as you walk?

Screw this.. I'm going for a shower.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy 14th July

Just posting a photo because I am away from home. "Bonne fête nationale" for all French people and for other people who think they're French.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Successful people, I envy you

Posting serious, emotional stuff today because I’ve been trolling too much.

Picture unreal. Just a conjured-up image of what I will look like
if I were to be a successful person. 

I just envy successful people. I mean, in a positive way. I know some successful people in my workplace.  How I wish I could be like them, but not in the meantime, I guess.

Here’s why.

Successful people will go the extra mile. As clichéd as it sounds, that’s how successful people really are. For me, I will not even bother to find that extra mile, let alone an extra inch. Why waste your resources and fuel, right?

Successful people are always on time, or even better, are always 10-15  minutes early. Whether going to work, an appoinment or even a party. Me? Arriving just in time is decent enough, and arriving 5 minutes late is fine.

Successful people sometimes sacrifice their sleep time. Many times they never sleep just to finish work that needs to be done. To them , whatever can be done today, will be done today. No such thing as tomorrow. I can never do that, man. I’m a koala that needs to sleep 18 hours a day.

Truly successful people turn out they way they are because they purely are self-driven. They choose success not because they want to bring others down, but they do it for their own self-betterment. An extremely successful person will not only stop at improving themselves, but they will make an effort to help others to succeed, like them. And I respect that.

For now, I’m just gonna hit the sack, not gonna turn on the alarm and just slack at home tomorrow.

Do you consider yourself successful? 

Apahal cliché sangat penulisan aku hari ini..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kejadian Aneh Remote Astro di Shah Alam

Sangat aneh ianya layak masuk Harian Metro dan Mastika, yo!

Pada petang Sabtu, 7 Julai 2012. remote Astro di rumah telah menunjukkan perilaku aneh yang tidak pernah dilakukan oleh mana-mana peralatan elektronik pun. Remote Astro ini telah melahirkan anak! Aku ingat nak hantar cerita ni kat Mastika lah. Bagi pengajaran untuk anak-anak yang kuat tengok TV dan ponteng solat.

Pada petang itu, aku cuba bukak belakang remote astro ni sebab macam ada yang tak kena je. Tekan channel apa pun, semua pergi kat RTM1. Tak boleh jadi ni.

Bila bukak sahaja, aku nampak satu objek yang seakan-akan versi miniatur remote Astro. Sah, ini mesti anak dia ni. Ini kejadian aneh yang tak dapat dijawab oleh ahli sains hayat dan pakar molecular biology.

Tuu dia! Sebijik macam mak dia.

Tiada apa yang mustahil, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Semoga kejadian ini diambil iktibar oleh anak-anak kita yang suka berebut remote control dengan ibu bapa mereka. Sila sebarkan kisah ini kepada 50 orang yang terdekat, nescaya anda akan dikurniakan jodoh yang soleh/solehah dan bebas dari ditimpa sebarang musibah hingga ke akhir hayat. M

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bimbo blogpost of the day: I'm so excited because I got a new phone!

Well. Yesterday was my birthday. I guess my parents have been reading all the rants and ramblings in this blog about me not having a smartphone and how difficult it is for me to work without a smartphone and all. They actually bought me a smartphone for my birthday gift! What they got me for my birthday was enough to be the most awesome gift ever in my entire life.

And I’m so excited Imma do an unboxing entry here. Let’s check it out!

So, this is obviously a Blackberry Bold3. Not much of an upgrade here. But, like I said, I kinda miss my old Blackberry Bold3 because it has contributed pretty much to my past blogposts here. Besides, it’s better to have a smartphone than not to have any at all. Right? Enough to be the most awesome birthday gift ever.

Let's cut to the chase and just open the box so I can just concentrate on the review, shall we? 

Oh yeah.. We can see the typical QWERTY keypad now. How I miss typing on those. This one comes with a special silver trim at the sides. Very nice. The charger is located under the phone, let's have a look.

Oh, goodness gracious me! It’s not just a Blackberry Bold3, it's an improvised version of the Blackberry Bold3! It’s a Blackbttry!!

Check out the high-definition screen, yo. This one comes with a special app called the water game! You can actually post your fastest time at the Blackbtrry App World website.

Oblivious to the fact that I have actually been trolled, I am hooked to this game now! 


Monday, 2 July 2012

One does not simply... Facebook.

Mindless entry today from a mindless writer.

Regular internet users may have probably come across this “One does not simply…” meme, made popular on YTMND, I Can Haz Cheezeburger and 9GAG.

This “One does not simply..” meme originated from “One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor” quote from the 2001 fantasy epic film Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This meme features the character Boromir, who originally says the line in the film .

Its first usage in image macro form was posted in a Something Awfull thread with the caption “One does not simply / drive into Mordor” on January 16th, 2004. (

From its first usage, these meme evolved to be some sort of a medium to educate the internet public on common sense and logic in real life and the internet, featuring advice like “One does not simply play a blue ray disc on a PC” and “One does not simply post cat videos on YouTube”. 

Here’s an example.

Aside from educating, this meme is also used merely to poke fun at society or to poke fun at other internet memes.

As a try-hard meme abuser, my version of  “one does not simply..” today are merely guidelines for facebook users. One may have heard these advice very often and may think that “aww.. come on man, this is common sense, innit?” But then again, facebook is quite rife with people lacking in common sense, including this writer of this mindless blog.

So we begin.

These days, your boss is also on facebook. Even if you’re not friends with your boss on facebook, someone who is your friend may happen to be a friend of your boss. You think that privacy setting is safe? You’ll never know.

This either shows how gullible you are to rumours or shows that you are using religion to entice your fellow Muslims not to consume a particular product that you personally dislike. Enough with the ‘Starbucks is not Halal’ rumours already, Bangi Kopitiam fans.

Really, we have had enough of bigots and extremists on facebook trying to disrupt stability.

No, I am not interested to know about you getting mad at your boyfriend because he refuses to watch Twilight with you at GSC. Because of that, you change your status to single. Come on man..

Got any facebook advice that you can give? If you think today's entry and my Boromir facial expression are downright lame, please feel free to come to my office and give me a punch in the face.
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