Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shit I used to watch – Lamb Chop’s Play Along

After a successful entry themed ‘Shit I used to listen to’, I feel like writing about ‘Shit I used to watch’ now. Because childhood TV memories are just too awesome!

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Going back to the year 1992 – 1993, one of the shows that I enjoyed watching was Lamb Chop’s Play Along. Having spent most of my childhood in Johor Bahru, it was not unusual to spend the weekend watching TV broadcasts from Singapore. And this particular show was played on Singapore’s SBC 5 (now known as just Channel 5). If my memory serves me right, Lamb Chop’s Play Along was aired every Saturday at 10 am. Was this show played on TV3 too, guys?

Let’s take a look at the opening theme song, eh.

Lamb Chop’s Play Along is a kids' television show from the US. It was shown on Public Broadcasting Service channel in the US from 1992 until 1997. Where were you at that time? Created and hosted by the now deceased puppeteer with a Ronald McDonald-like haircut, Shari Lewis, it featured some quirky characters like Lamb Chop the Sheep, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy. Back then, I used to think that Charlie the Horse looked a bit like one of my cousins from Simpang Renggam. Hi to you if you’re reading this, cousin!

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Growing up in a Malay family and Malay being my first language, I didn’t really understand 90 percent of what’s being said in the show back then, to be honest. In spite of my poor command of English, I found the show amusing.

What I like about the show was especially the part where the host shows some cool magic tricks and crafts in every episode. I never miss to attempt whatever artwork or trick that was shown, although I failed many times - being an epic fail kid. And you know what, this epic fail kid here today is now an epic fail young man who writes silly and meaningless blog entries on which you guys waste your time weekly.

One of the cool tricks shown by the host and funny looking puppets.

To compare it with some crappy kids’ show nowadays, what makes Lamb Chop’s Play Along different is the way the show encourages creativity. While many typical shows are teaching kids how to count and spell, Lamb Chop’s Play Along teaches awesome magic tricks, drawing and riddles. It also subtly teaches trolling and sarcasm too. Check this video below if you don’t believe this show teaches kids how to troll in real life. 


  1. waah! very classic entry..really like it. tak sangka dok tengok series macam tu rupanya! tengok sorang2 ke? irfan baby lagi masa tu kan? patutlah your tricks "laku" sampai kat Thorn Street, England sana nun!

  2. assilah pun tengok cerita ni, tapi ntah dia ingat ke tidak.. irfan belum wujud lagi. sejak irfan wujud, dunia makin tak tenteram. kah.

  3. orang tengok sesame street & doraemon ja



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