Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Celebrating 1st Year of Existence of Orang Lain Blog, Aku Pun Sibuk Nak Blog Jugak!

One year on, and still going strong! Well.. at least I think it is.

Today, I am celebrating the 1st year of this blog. So, nothing substantive today. I’m just gonna bullshit all the way through.

It all started with this post on 20th June 2011 [link here]. As the blog’s name suggest, I started this blog simply because everyone is consistently blogging, so I wanna have a hand at consistent blogging too. Typical herd mentality.

Even though I may not have as much readers as Obefiend or Ben Ashaari, I’m grateful to have at least a sizeable number of readers. I’d like to thank everyone who keeps on coming to read my bad writing in this blog over the past year. This blog will continue to make fun of the darndest thing that our society does.

Bye, guys..
If you notice, this year I have decided to omit my feature entry of the Grammar & Pronunciation Police because now, Astro is doing a similar thing in their programme “Oh, My English!”. Nanti korang ingat aku tiru idea Oh My English pulak. Drop me a comment if you would like these two idiotic Grammar Police to come back to this blog anyway.

On blogging as an influential tool

Bloggers are an influential lot, you know. Governments are toppled, Kings are butthurted and restaurants are frequented or boycotted just because someone blogged about it.

But in order to do all that, you need to be a seriously influential blogger, to be influential is a hard thing to achieve. To be influential, one needs to be consistently blogging. You have to sort of have no life at all to sit in front of the PC all day to blog, as far as I know lah..

But now with all the crazy technology and gadgets all over the place, you can just about blog at any time and place. It’s just a matter of whether you can afford the suitable gadget or not. 

And to be honest, I am still a bit disheartened at the lost of my Blackberry 9870, despite the fact that it is a shitty phone by today’s standard considering how IOS and Android phones are beginning to dominate the mobile market. Disheartened because it was actually that bloody phone which enabled me to capture everyday snapshots of life that eventually sprouts into ideas for my blog entries, ever since this blog existed. 

So, in conjunction with the 1st year anniversary of this blog, if you would be kind enough to donate RM 5 each, I would have just enough bucks to buy a Samsung SIII or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 so I can keep abreast of my surroundings in order to gather enough ideas and update this blog more frequently. No iPhones or iPads please. Those are for pre-school kids..

To celebrate the 1st year of this blog, I’m gonna party hard at my local surau tonight.


  1. ceh.. ingatkan minta 5 hengget utk csr...

  2. @caldina: welcome back. Haha. Kira buat CSR la kalau semua pakat2 buat donation RM5 untuk aku. Cakap la aku blogger marhaen, memperjuangkan nasib golongan yang tertindas.

  3. Damn..dah setahun dah...aku punya pun dah dekat setahun gak la...thanx for the idea for my next blogpost...heheh

  4. @Fernando: Kamu kata kamu mix Jawa tapi kenapa kamu guna nama Fernando? Saya marah ini.. LOL. Cepat update oiii..

  5. tahniah dah as one of your loyal reader..mintak piala bolehhh??

    1. Boleh, sila tuntut hadiah anda di kaunter bantuan rakyat 1malaysia. Thanks, by the way.

  6. "Erti hidup pada memberi". Give more ideas and helpings, soon you'll be helped..Keep on blogging. I'll follow soon. (how soon?)

    1. tak payah follow pun takpa aeh.. LOL

  7. aku mix jawa + spanish la...i think somewhere around 1530 the spanish manage to find my ancestors and they got married..but didn't last and the damn bloke left my great great great great great great grandmother to search for the city of gold...and yes there's a tiny speck of DNA inside me that's spanish...hehehe...solid proof kan?? kan??


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