Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First World Problems: Cleaning up after you’re having so much fun.

This party may look tame and sharia-compliant,
but I was as high as fcuk.
Picture from way back in 2005 when I was a skinny lad.

Have you ever thrown a party at your place? I’m sure you guys have. Which part of the party you enjoice the most? The preparation before everyone arrives? The middle of the party where the heart of the event is at, where everyone gets high? Or the cleaning up part when everyone has left?

Most normal people would answer yes to the preparation part and the party itself. 
But cleaning-up?

Only freaks and foreveraloners will say the cleaning up part is their favourite part of the party.

Who in their right mind would clean up straight away after having a blast? You are supposed to get wasted afterwards, man. Else, there is no point in throwing a party at all.

No one deserves to be scrubbing pots and pans, wiping tables and taking out the trash right after having so much fun. I’m not asking you be a slob or anything, but can’t you wait for tomorrow? What’s the point of having a tomorrow if you don’t make use of it?

Oh yeah, EURO 2012 is coming up in a weeks’ time. If anyone out there loves cleaning up after a party, then drop me a comment, I might hire you to do the cleaning up. 

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  1. xnak la ada lipas plak party pas tu.. huhuhu...


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