Monday, 25 June 2012

Strange topics I’ve attempted to Google for the past few days.

Just useless ramblings today.

Just me and Google.
Frustrated with being human and frustrated with the stresses of work, these are the things I have Googled for the past few days while finishing up my work.

#1: How to rob a bank

Due to the break-in incident that happened at my house quite a while back and the bombardment of peer-pressure persuading me to get the latest smartphone, the thought of robbing a bank crossed my mind a few times. This is not good, my friend… This is just not good...

#2 Why are the Swiss so rich

Googling ‘how to rob a bank’ reminds me of the abundance of financial institutions in Switzerland and the Swiss’ relatively comfortable standard of living. I wonder what it’s like to be Swiss. Turns out that most people in Switzerland dislike the use of credit cards and they will always attempt to pay everything in cash. Swiss people are proud of their local products (especially agricultural products) and will always buy local first.

#3: Ugly people should never breed

From my observation at public places in Putrajaya and other parts of the Klang Valley, turns out nowadays, most young couples with kids are attractive couples and appear to be successful. Which left me wondering, have the ones considered ‘ugly’ and unsuccessful by society been left out? Is this just how humans are since the beginning of time?

Curiosity kills the cat, and Google is a helpful but sometimes scary tool. Have you Googled anything weird recently?


  1. dont get frustrated for being grateful to ALLAH.

  2. dont get frustrated for being grateful to ALLAH.

    1. thoyyib. ana mohon share, ya ustazah..

  3. Have you Googled anything weird recently?

    Yup !!! how to wear a bra..


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