Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bimbo blogpost of the day: I'm so excited because I got a new phone!

Well. Yesterday was my birthday. I guess my parents have been reading all the rants and ramblings in this blog about me not having a smartphone and how difficult it is for me to work without a smartphone and all. They actually bought me a smartphone for my birthday gift! What they got me for my birthday was enough to be the most awesome gift ever in my entire life.

And I’m so excited Imma do an unboxing entry here. Let’s check it out!

So, this is obviously a Blackberry Bold3. Not much of an upgrade here. But, like I said, I kinda miss my old Blackberry Bold3 because it has contributed pretty much to my past blogposts here. Besides, it’s better to have a smartphone than not to have any at all. Right? Enough to be the most awesome birthday gift ever.

Let's cut to the chase and just open the box so I can just concentrate on the review, shall we? 

Oh yeah.. We can see the typical QWERTY keypad now. How I miss typing on those. This one comes with a special silver trim at the sides. Very nice. The charger is located under the phone, let's have a look.

Oh, goodness gracious me! It’s not just a Blackberry Bold3, it's an improvised version of the Blackberry Bold3! It’s a Blackbttry!!

Check out the high-definition screen, yo. This one comes with a special app called the water game! You can actually post your fastest time at the Blackbtrry App World website.

Oblivious to the fact that I have actually been trolled, I am hooked to this game now! 



  1. hahahaha...bangkai!!! giler teruja aku tunggu!! Effing troller punya budahk!! phuiii

  2. hahahaha... ngan kain pelekat x nyempat2 nak tunggu pagi... hahaha...

    1. kalau boleh nak pergi kerja pakai kain pelikat.

  3. aku hampir2 tak jadi nak baca entry ko ni sebab aku cemburu ko dapat blackberi..tapi aku akhirnya tewas dan aku gelak bersungguh2..

    mainan pun mainanlaaaa

    1. ko tak rasa teruja nak beli ke?

  4. cis! hahaha

  5. happy belated birthday

    nice phone btw :)


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