Friday, 20 July 2012

Of needs and wants, and moderation.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the economic idea of needs and wants. But many who strictly follow the rule of ‘needs vs wants’ do not play around it to optimise their life.

In general, we consider these four things as needs:
i.                    roof over our head (i.e: a living space)
ii.                  food and water to maintain your health
iii.                basic health care and hygiene products
iv.               clothing

Hardliners of ‘buy only what you need’ often limit themselves to whatever that is the cheapest and whatever that will just do the function of fulfilling those needs. But these extremists don’t realise they are pretty much losing out in life and not living their life to the fullest. To quote, YOLO (you only live once).

Mamak again? (image for illustration purposes only)
Let’s look at food. To save money, you buy mediocre discounted products at the hypermarket or you eat out at your local mamak joint because it’s cheap and satisfies your need for food to keep you alive. You shun Ben’s Place because its expensive. Good job. But, do you want to eat at the same old mamak joint for the rest of your life? Don’t you sometimes want to celebrate something you, your family member or a friend has achieved? One does not simply celebrate a happy occasion with your loved ones at a mamak joint, right? That's why you got to listen to your wants and fulfill them.

Same goes with your clothing. If I were to ask you, will you look better in a pair of jeans bought at Giant hypermarket or that pair of jeans from, say, Topman? There you go.. The quality of the material speaks for itself too.

Now, I am not asking you to be hedonistic or materialistic, nor do I ask you to live large like a president of a corrupt third-world country. No. But the rationale here is that in everything you do, there is moderation, and you got to have some kind of moderation when dealing with needs and wants too.

Wants can motivate people to buy one of these houses

Your ‘wants’ are not evil at all. ‘Wants’ motivate you to work harder, to find new solutions to existing problems. Do you think smartphone developers spend their time and expertise developing push emails functions merely for nothing? Phones with push emails aren’t considered a need. No, of course, people won’t die from not receiving any emails through their phones. But the push email function has made it easy for business people and civil servants alike to receive updates instantly and to make on-the-go decisions. So convenient it is becoming somewhat a need for these people.

See, what one used to regard as a want may evolve into a need. The same if you look back at the purpose of a telephone. It wasn’t considered a need for people during the 18th century. Nowadays, you just can’t imagine your daily routine without the usage of a telephone.

People, you gotta learn to balance your needs and wants. You can’t be living the rest of your life with mediocre products just for the sake of saving money. Because, in the end, your money will eventually go somewhere.

In b4 "gunakanlah bulan Ramadhan ini untuk mengawal hawa nafsu anda wahai tuan penulis blog". 

I avail myself of this opportunity to wish a blessed Ramadhan for those observing.   
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  1. but when u got the another 4, u will want more.

    1. i know. that's the fun part of making money. as long as you don;t forget to give to help the less-fortunate, you should be okay.

  2. kasut buatan gombak kan bagus.. haha..


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