Monday, 2 July 2012

One does not simply... Facebook.

Mindless entry today from a mindless writer.

Regular internet users may have probably come across this “One does not simply…” meme, made popular on YTMND, I Can Haz Cheezeburger and 9GAG.

This “One does not simply..” meme originated from “One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor” quote from the 2001 fantasy epic film Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This meme features the character Boromir, who originally says the line in the film .

Its first usage in image macro form was posted in a Something Awfull thread with the caption “One does not simply / drive into Mordor” on January 16th, 2004. (

From its first usage, these meme evolved to be some sort of a medium to educate the internet public on common sense and logic in real life and the internet, featuring advice like “One does not simply play a blue ray disc on a PC” and “One does not simply post cat videos on YouTube”. 

Here’s an example.

Aside from educating, this meme is also used merely to poke fun at society or to poke fun at other internet memes.

As a try-hard meme abuser, my version of  “one does not simply..” today are merely guidelines for facebook users. One may have heard these advice very often and may think that “aww.. come on man, this is common sense, innit?” But then again, facebook is quite rife with people lacking in common sense, including this writer of this mindless blog.

So we begin.

These days, your boss is also on facebook. Even if you’re not friends with your boss on facebook, someone who is your friend may happen to be a friend of your boss. You think that privacy setting is safe? You’ll never know.

This either shows how gullible you are to rumours or shows that you are using religion to entice your fellow Muslims not to consume a particular product that you personally dislike. Enough with the ‘Starbucks is not Halal’ rumours already, Bangi Kopitiam fans.

Really, we have had enough of bigots and extremists on facebook trying to disrupt stability.

No, I am not interested to know about you getting mad at your boyfriend because he refuses to watch Twilight with you at GSC. Because of that, you change your status to single. Come on man..

Got any facebook advice that you can give? If you think today's entry and my Boromir facial expression are downright lame, please feel free to come to my office and give me a punch in the face.

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  1. i would think that one post a status bout bosses are some kind of silent hint for him/ her.. i think.. haha..


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