Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Successful people, I envy you

Posting serious, emotional stuff today because I’ve been trolling too much.

Picture unreal. Just a conjured-up image of what I will look like
if I were to be a successful person. 

I just envy successful people. I mean, in a positive way. I know some successful people in my workplace.  How I wish I could be like them, but not in the meantime, I guess.

Here’s why.

Successful people will go the extra mile. As clichéd as it sounds, that’s how successful people really are. For me, I will not even bother to find that extra mile, let alone an extra inch. Why waste your resources and fuel, right?

Successful people are always on time, or even better, are always 10-15  minutes early. Whether going to work, an appoinment or even a party. Me? Arriving just in time is decent enough, and arriving 5 minutes late is fine.

Successful people sometimes sacrifice their sleep time. Many times they never sleep just to finish work that needs to be done. To them , whatever can be done today, will be done today. No such thing as tomorrow. I can never do that, man. I’m a koala that needs to sleep 18 hours a day.

Truly successful people turn out they way they are because they purely are self-driven. They choose success not because they want to bring others down, but they do it for their own self-betterment. An extremely successful person will not only stop at improving themselves, but they will make an effort to help others to succeed, like them. And I respect that.

For now, I’m just gonna hit the sack, not gonna turn on the alarm and just slack at home tomorrow.

Do you consider yourself successful? 

Apahal cliché sangat penulisan aku hari ini..


Say what?

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