Monday, 12 November 2012

Priorities, Mr Todd. Priorities..

Well. This blog hasn’t been updated. What a letdown. I bet readers have started to give up on waiting for new updates.

Picture unrelated. At all.
You see, Mr Todd is my other nickname because I have way too many hobbies. When I have hobbies, I devote plenty of my time into it.  Let’s see.. I have gym, rock music, country music, being a pseudo-hipster, substantive writing (work), blogging, foreign languages, cooking, drinking fresh-brewed coffee, eating out.. that’s a lot of hobbies! When there are too much things to devote to, one of the hobbies gets left out. In this case, blogging gets left out.

This disappointing absence is also due to the decline of general blogging (i.e: blogging about general topics). Blogs that still survive today have their niche areas like gadgets, gossip, politics, music or fitness, to name a few. Beautifulnara is all about local celebrity gossips, is about the latest gadgets to hit the shelves and is all about fitness and shit. This crap I created back in June 2011? It is nothing but directionless ramblings about everything under the sun. And yeah, even Nami stopped his popular “everything-under-the-sun” Teh Tarik Gelas Besar blog months ago.

Funny? No, this blog has lost its ‘funny-ness’ since 9GAG climbed into popularity. If people want to find funny stuffs, they go to 9GAG. But recently, it too has become so popular and ‘too mainstream’, it has started to become less funny with many users abusing memes.

You know what, Imma look for niche areas to blog about, in relation to my hobbies that I devote sooo much time into. Perhaps I can diverge a little bit from one hobby to another every once in a month/fortnight. What do you think?


  1. i've been waiting for your new posts bro... how 'bout gym excercises for dummies? hehehe...

  2. thanks for your comment, bro. I'm not dead yet. LOL. Just havong some major busy time with hobbies and work and all. Plus the laziness to think of an issue to blog about.

  3. *having. celaka punya jari gemuk kuat typo


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