Monday, 8 April 2013

The not-so-smart consumer review: Doof?

Enough with political posts on the blogosphere and other social networks, let’s just Doof off for a while!

Last week, the wifey bought a Doof bean bag and on Saturday, it arrived at our doorstep. Less than 3 days, I think. Janji ditepati. 

Well, hello Doof!

So what’s a Doof?

Doof is a bean bag, with outer linings made of easy-clean nylon. So you don’t have to throw it into the washing machine, really. Just a quick wipe will do. The insides have another inner-bag filled with beans made of Styrofoam, similar to those packaging peanuts, but smaller and shaped like beans.

It comes in 6 colours and 5 different types of bean bags: Chuck, Chucky, Roxanne, Spike and Millie.

L-R: Chuck, Chucky (a smaller version of Chuck), Roxanne, Spike, Millie. -images not to scale.

Macam kopiah tabligh pun ada.
Here's what our's look like. It's the 'Chuck' model, with brown cover. We wanted the turquoise but wasn't available at the moment. 

The thing about Doof is it’s quite versatile and comfy, you can use it for numerous occasions. Here’s what you can do.

Sleep, regular position.

Sleep, face down.

Finishing off your assignment. Yeah, sure.. assignment..

Watching political news on TV.

Trying that new wrestling move you just saw on TV.


So if you want something to relax on, go get a Doof bean bag. To find out about pricing, availability and all, check out the website here and its Facebook page here.

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